Catherine Rubio Wellness⊛

What clients say…

I genuinely believe all the changes in my life over the last years have in one way or another been down to yoga, whether it’s been by guiding me to let go of what doesn´t serve me or by enlightening me with new things. I would like to extend a deep, sincere thank you to my teacher Catherine, who has given me this beautiful, life-changing gift, I am eternally in your debt.
— Namaste, from your yogini Mau do Brasil.
I’ve been training 3 times a week with Catherine to get back into shape. I enjoyed a lot the diversity of the workouts: from power yoga to high intensity training. I didn’t get bored and we went straight to my objectives. I definitely recommend Catherine PT programme.
— Helena
Catherine coaching and nutrition guidance helped me to evaluate my overall well being. Her personalized advice and meal plans were educational and taught me how to develop healthy eating habits rather than just attempting to lose weight. She is motivational, caring and always available for advice.
— Rita
I have known Catherine – Caty – Cat as my personal trainer since 2011. I´ve been privileged to be one of the first to try some of the new wellness package available. I am using the life coaching skills of Catherine and she is helping me with some difficult issues. I was nervous about asking her to help me with a difficult personal issue but I need not have worried as she has been of great help to me. She has introduced Bach´s flowers to me, very interesting,not expensive and I suggest you investigate!
— Lindsay